Your Smart Rail Logistics Partner

Who We Are

We are a solutions provider offering end to end logistics services that address full and empty container tracking and other interventions as may be required by our customers.
We pride ourselves in working out simple tailor-made service offerings to our clientele.

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Our Solutions

Import/Export Container

We provide the following services for both import and export containers

  1. Monitoring movement on the SGR Freight service
  2. Transfers to stack
  3. Coordinating cargo and container damage surveys
  4. EDI reporting
  5. Interventions on abandoned cargo

Empty containers

For empty containers we are your one stop shop for the below listed services

  1. Container repositioning from Nairobi to Mombasa
  2. Inspection for damage and issuance of Equipment Interchange Receipts
  3. Last mile delivery transfers to vessel stack and/or empty container depot
  4. EDI reporting for all moves

What We do

Transport Services Coordination

Box Back will facilitate the customers transportation needs and provides the link between the cargo receiver and the transporter.

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Customs House Brokerage

We provide assistance and guidance as necessary in the customs clearance process.

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Tally and EDI reporting

This service caters for shipping lines and/or their agents who require timely updates of their container positions upon arrival at Nairobi or Naivasha ICDs.

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Cargo Monitoring and Control

We are the customers eyes and ears on the movement of their cargo via the SGR Freight service.

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Updates on Port/ICDS Situation and Statistics

Numbers don’t lie. Key decisions are usually made based on the market trends and accurate

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Target Customers

Shipping Lines/Owners

We work directly with the shipping lines , ship owners and container leasing companies who need to keep a track of their equipment passing through the port of Mombasa.

Ship Agents

We work hand in hand with ships agents to provide a variety of services which can then free them to focus on the main aspect of their mandate i.e. driving cargo volumes for the ship owners.


We have daily contact with transporters to ensure that they are able to meet their turn around deadlines whilst also providing triangulation possibilities that can ensure a maximization of truck utilization.

Importers/ Exporter

We work directly with importers and exporters or through their appointed agents . They are key to our continued existence.


We complement the work done by forwarders in ensuring that the cargo cycle is complete.

Our Customers